Elsie Chapman, YA Author

Photo Credit: Michael Meskin

I grew up in Prince George, BC, before graduating from the University of British Columbia with a BA in English Literature. I currently live in Tokyo, Japan with my husband and two kids, where I write to either movies on a loop or music turned up way too loud (and sometimes both at the same time).

My debut novel, DUALED and its sequel, DIVIDED are both available now. Published by Random House Children’s Books.

Find me on TumblrFacebookTwitter, or Pinterest.

I’m also a contributing member of Friday the Thirteeners, its tumblr site, and The Lucky 13s group author blogs.

Email me at: elsie [dot] chapman [dot] author [at] gmail [dot] com.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Could I possibly get the 2nd book to do a feature on my blog when I 5* review the 1st book? I would love to feature you and the book on my blog. It would great if I could review the second book too, but of course not have any spoilers. The world you created is so very gripping I could not stop reading Dualed! Most of my followers are via twitter & my Facebook page. Please contact me at MoonShineArtSpot@gmail.com

  2. […] Elsie Chapman is the author of Dualed and Divided. She’s also a contributor to Friday the Thirteeners and The Lucky 13s. She currently lives in Tokyo, Japan with her husband and two kids. […]

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