It’s Really Real.

The steps along the way:

First, pounding out the rough draft.

Polishing it until your own novel begins to bore you.

Writing a query letter. Polishing that.

Submitting, submitting, submitting…then submitting some more. After awhile, rejections don’t hurt anymore.

Finally finding an awesome agent. I was lucky enough to be able to choose between offers, but it wasn’t easy. Leaving your baby in his hands.

Chewing your nails off and eating way too much junk food while you wait. And wait. And wait.

Then it finally happens. I still can’t believe it.

My book deal for my debut novel, on Publisher’s Marketplace:

May 18, 2011
Young Adult
Elsie Chapman’s THE ASSIGNMENT, set in a severely overpopulated world where everyone has an alternate — an “Alt”, a doppelganger, a virtual twin — and where one girl has to kill her Alt before her Alt kills her, to Chelsea Eberly atRandom House, in a pre-empt, by Steven Chudney from The Chudney Agency (NA).
Film: The Gotham Group

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10 thoughts on “It’s Really Real.

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey, Elsie!

    What’s the deal with “the deal”? Sounds awesome! No wonder you haven’t had time to do any reading. Sounds like I’ll be reading you pretty soon. Did this pay for the trip to Europe?

    So happy for you!

  2. Hi Adrienne!

    Soooo excited…my YA novel The Assignment is going to be published by Random House! Summer 2013, so still a bit away. Trying to find time to get this blog running (not net savvy at all!), and I miss reading, too.

    Thanks for the kind words, should meet up sometime!

    • Adrienne says:

      Can’t wait ’til 2013! Always on the lookout for something good to read.

      Would love to meet for coffee or lunch. I want to hear all about your journey to becoming a Published Author!

  3. June says:

    Well don’t hold out on us! What’s the story about? Congrats, by the way,lol…

  4. Hi June!

    Thanks! Um, I pretty much suck at summing things up quick (and still have it make sense!), so here’s the first paragraph of my query letter…

    Like everyone else in the world, fifteen-year old West Grayer has an Alternate. Her virtual twin, her Alt has the same face, the same build, the same way of moving, but is otherwise a complete stranger. They would never even have reason to meet, except that they are bound together through one shared fate. When their Assignment goes Active, West knows she has no choice but to eliminate her Alt—before her Alt eliminates her.

  5. Lisa says:

    Elsie, that sounds like an awesome premise!

    Many congratulations!

  6. June says:

    It sounds very interesting. Looking forward to reading it…but it’s a long wait…*sigh*

  7. hey there, june!

    it IS a long…sighing right along with you…but glad to hear you’re looking forward to 🙂

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