Why I never told anyone I was writing.

This post from author Nathan Bransford’s blog pretty much sums it up. My fear of running into any of these situations. The only time I even got close to thinking of mentioning it was when I got the “so what do you DO all day???”

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2 thoughts on “Why I never told anyone I was writing.

  1. Adrienne says:

    I always figured writers have this NEED to write. My high school English teacher (E.J. Bond/James Heneghan) once told me I should try my hand at children’s stories, so a few years ago I took a correspondence course on writing for children. It was a terrific course, but it just confirmed what I’d already had an inkling of: that I’m not a REAL writer, I’m just good at writing. I have zero creativitiy, so I need someone to give me something to write about. I think that’s why being a technical writer was such a perfect job for me (It also allowed me to tap into my anal-retentive tendencies!).

    • Hey Adrienne! Well, I could never be a technical writer. Don’t have the skills to back it up, so there you go! Strangely enough, me and Jes were talking about this just today…and that the only people weirder than writers are programmers 😉

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