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a great reason to go to germany one day.

neck-high in edits while running on about 4.5 hours of sleep a night, fueled by green tea and way too much iced coffee, while still managing to get some exercise in every day to stay sane.

the kids are out for the summer as of this afternoon. i wonder how much i can squeeze in before two months of chaos kick in.

thought i’d take a quick breather and announce my awesome new book deal in germany:

June 27, 2011
 International rights: Children’s
German rights to Elsie Chapman’s THE ASSIGNMENT, to Droemer, by Alexandra Legath at the Silke Weniger Literary Agency on behalf of The Chudney Agency.


i’m amazed and delighted and so thankful.

now back to those edits…

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hardcover? paperback?

it’s game 7 of the stanley cup finals tonight and i’m also working through edits and revisions. i’ve got a thousand windows open, trying to convince myself i’m being productive. blog posts are productive, right?

as things currently stand, my book is going to be released in hardcover (yay, summer 2013!!!). i’m super excited about this, but also a bit (a lot) terrified.

the thing is, i enjoy buying a hardcover of a book i already know i love. i know i will it read again and again and will want to have forever. even if i’ve already purchased a paperback release, i’ll gladly buy another copy that’s “for keeps.” or if it’s the next in a series, and the set is hardcover, and i’ve already committed.

hardcovers look nice. they last forever. they have heft.

but i’m also cheap. super cheap. cheap, cheap, cheap. i will wait for the hardcover to go on sale. and if it’s a  new author or a book i haven’t read yet, i’ll wait for the paperback to come out before plunking my money down.

i came across this post on author nathan bransford’s site. it’s a couple of years old, but a really interesting read about hardcovers and paperbacks and debut authors. and then this one, from YA author Justine Larbalestier’s blog. again, it’s not a super recent post, but interesting to read just the same.

food for thought. in two years, who knows how things will be looking. i’m elated and very fortunate to have my book published, hardcover or paperback.

go, canucks, go!!!

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do as g does and what about those e-readers?

i don’t read gwyneth’s goop, but one of the blogs i frequent regularly often refers to it. so i checked it out, and i did find some reading related newsletters, namely her picks for summer reading (i’d forgotten about drink, play, f@#k, i still want to read it, but i never read eat, pray, love and i probably might not never will.) and some cookbooks for summer.

oh, and books for kids, too!

shouldn’t coldplay be coming out with a new album soon? maybe chris martin is busy helping gwyneth try out some of those cookbooks in the kitchen.

here’s ew’s round-up of 6 e-readers for less than 150 bucks (US). i’m an ipad girl myself, though.

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