the ya industry in japan

blogger/author matthew reeve’s great post combining two things i love–ya fiction and japan. what more could you ask for? a super interesting read.

and is that spice & wolf and the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya i recognize? *looks up on bookshelf*

to be honest, i never think much beyond manga when i think about books in japan. the next time we go to tokyo, i’ll have to spend more time in the bookstores. or maybe this justifies a weekend trip down to the kinokuniya bookstore, seattle location.

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2 thoughts on “the ya industry in japan

  1. Matt says:

    Hey there. Thanks for the mention. 😉 Yes, you are quite correct, Spice and Wolf and Haruhi are indeed shown in that image. As well as a few other series being fan translated. I hope you will stick around for the other articles that will go into far more detail about the industry and the books in it.

  2. hey matt! i’m definitely looking forward to reading more. i had no clue cell phone novels were so popular in japan! (one more reason i wish i could read japanese, not to mention all the manga.)

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