is. so. true. author natalie whipple’s blog post about how life changes after getting a book deal. in terms of the freak out when i got the news, you can bet i let loose with a little dance and a whole lot of screaming. good thing no one else was home, it was not a pretty sight!

the part about friends…well, stuff like this is what sorts the good from the bad, you know? it’s really not hard to tell who’s genuinely happy for you, and who’s…not. like, really, really, not.

life’s short. may i offer some delicious scandy to alleviate some of the bitterness?

reviews. gah. at least i have two years to build up a super thick skin? a killer willpower to not read them? to not even want to read them?

hmm, acknowledgements. i haven’t given this much thought at all. catching me on a bad day might have me resorting to thanking the cats for being such wonderful listeners and agreeing that all my ideas rock.

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One thought on “THIS

  1. Adrienne says:

    I hope your dance was a little more exuberant than Elaine’s!

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