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one man wolf pack

different people work to different things. i’m a big white noise person–silence drives me crazy. i usually alternate between albums or playlists on repeat, or i’ll put a movie on and play it to death.

right now, it’s the hangover. i guess i could be embarrassed by how many times i’ve actually seen it by now, but i’m not. there are absolutely genius moments in there that just get better the more i see it. also, watching it with a writing perspective in mind mines even more gold.

addition by subtraction. it really works here.

removing doug (justin bartha) from the picture doesn’t just drive the plot, it makes the rest of the group find a way to band together. as the designated “normal” guy, he allows the other characters to stand out. he’s the foil to phil’s (bradley cooper) smooth coolness, stu’s (ed helms) anxious earnestness, and alan’s (zach galifianakis) well-meaning idiocy. in trying to get the others to accept alan (man-purse, white jeans, and all), and holding phil back from harassing stu too much about his controlling girlfriend, doug is very much the glue that holds the group together.

which is why his disappearing makes the plot work. phil, stu, and alan are essentially forced to become friends outside of doug’s careful handling. as a result, they grow as characters. phil gets his big-brother vibe going with alan. stu finally sees the light and dumps his girlfriend. alan develops a sense of self-worth with his new friends (even if they don’t go for the whole blood-brothers thing).

some other stuff. the check-in scene is a bit stilted. i think it’s the dialogue and/or the editing. just goes to show how hard “natural” conversations really are, and how certain shots spliced together in certain ways don’t always flow. it’s the same with writing and reading. if a scene doesn’t work, it takes the reader out of the story. they become aware that they’re reading someone’s writing, the mechanics and machinery of it.

the deleted scenes. i’m glad they cut what they did. i just finished crunching down on some backstory, and it’s tough. you think it’s all important, but, really, it’s not.

the perfect pajama shirt. also, this one. and because it can never be seen enough, the speech. that little groan alan does at the end is comic perfection. and i’ve heard that people actually use this as best-man speeches at weddings. if so, that’s amazing.

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new release date

spring is now my favourite season. it doesn’t matter that it’s still pretty cold, the rain seems endless, and mud tries to suck your shoes off your feet the instant you step off pavement.

the release date for The Assignment has been moved up from summer 2013 to spring 2013. yay! late march, give or take a few weeks. exact date still subject to change, and i’ll know more later on.

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shiny new ideas and crappy timing

why does it work that way, anyway?

i’m seriously itching to break in a SNI…to pick up all that’s floating in my head, lay it out, put it together with words and spaces and bits of mood…

but i’m in the middle of edits for my first novel and with a real, actual deadline, writing whatever i want, whenever i want, just doesn’t fly anymore.

not that i’m complaining. i could never, ever complain that i actually get to edit for someone other than the one reader who lives solely in my head. (that reader is pretty fickle, too. especially come fall when all the good shows are back on air. i guess it’s not all bad that half of what i used to watch is now over, and i haven’t picked up any new ones to make up for them…) i’m so incredibly fortunate that i get to do what i love…and if I gain just a little bit more discipline, i’ll learn to write and edit while watching new episodes all at the same time.

though i already do this with movies, but only ones i’ve seen before…baby steps in this business, baby steps…

anyway. i did manage to bang out a pretty thorough outline for my SNI in between edit rounds. and i’m still learning how to swing back and forth between two sets of characters, two different settings, and two completely different MC voices and not feel like my head’s going to blow. it’s really not that much different than the drunk voice that comes out with good friends and the responsible voice with your kids’ teachers.

speaking of kids and teachers…i think i got more done this last week than i did in all of august. i almost blubbered like a baby at seeing back to school ads. is it bad that i didn’t even feel that guilty?

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