he had a way with words, too

steve jobs was a genius within the tech industry. but he had a wonderful way with words, too. his 2005 stanford commencement speech can be applied in so many ways. don’t be afraid of screwing up. don’t be afraid of trying to write, of submitting, of rejection letters, of bad reviews.

i do all my writing on my macbook pro. i love my macbook pro. i would never have started writing without a laptop. i write while listening to music from my itunes library. i work out plot knots while running while listening to my ipod nano. so, thank you, steve.

for me, one of my favourite iconic steve job moments was when he introduced the first ipod nano. when he pulls it out from that little pocket, and you hear the audience’s reaction, you can’t help but be sucked in by the guy’s enthusiasm, the sheer scope of his vision.

i can’t wait to read his autobiography. it’s called steve jobs, but i love what my husband came up with: isteve.

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2 thoughts on “he had a way with words, too

  1. Peggy says:

    Steve Jobs was a unique individual, and I’ve already requested a copy of his latest biography.

    “but i love what my husband came up with: isteve”
    – good one!

  2. the release date’s been moved up to oct 24th, which is such a smart move.

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