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opening that first editorial letter in your inbox is like being delivered a ticking package. how bad is it going to be? can you handle it? should you fortify yourself with something first?

my post on what to expect, from the very cool lucky 13s blog.

writer edan lepucki’s reasons why she decided not to self-publish. and writer kirsten hubbard on why authors disappear from ya highway.

and i know it’s totally not economical, but i’ve been using my tassimo machine for plain old coffee. caffeine has been essential around here lately…novel numero deux done and on its way into my agent’s hands. we’ll see how it goes from here. wish me luck.

6 weeks of pvr’ed shows to catch up on. not sure if i’m more excited or drained at the thought.

random: listening to bruno mars’s it will rain. reading nigel slater’s toast. eating everything trader joe’s, especially their peanut butter filled pretzels. enjoying/tolerating visit from sister (jk).

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titles do matter

i never did like how my old title had the word “ass” in it.

THE ASSIGNMENT is now going to be called DUALED.

and it really does work, playing up on the words dual and duel, both being heavy themes in the book.

i find naming my characters a truly painful process, but coming up with a title? gah. which is why my editor is awesome. why marketing and design do what they do, and do it well.

like putting on a new pair of shoes, except these ones feel good right away.

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food for thought

ever notice how you think better when you’re eating/drinking/ingesting some kind of material with a caloric content? the higher/starchier/sweeter/saltier/fattier the better?

or, maybe it’s just me. but when just caffeine won’t do…

by default, it needs to be able to consumed one handed, so you can still type/write with the other. bonus: eating straight out of the box/bag/jar means no dishes or cutlery to wash afterwards.

nutella or speculoos spread (scraping the bottom of our last jar from paris, sniff), both eaten with a spoon. popcorn. popchips. dry cereal, esp life or honey bunches of oats or mini wheats (only if there’s lots of icing, otherwise you might as well be eating plain shredded wheat). dried mango slices and young coconut chunks. dark chocolate.

(anyone ever notice how brad pitt’s character rusty is always eating in ocean’s eleven? i have no clue how this really relates, except that it’s got brad pitt and food.)

on a more writerly note, fellow writer and lucky 13 blogger liz coley (pretty girl-13) has just posted her interview with young adult author leanna renne hieber (darker still) on our blog. go take a peek!

random stuff:
listening to: ti f. rihanna live your life, david guetta f. usher without you, rihanna w/calvin harris we found love, coldplay paradise, t-pain f. wiz khalifa + lily allen 5 o’clock in the morning

watching: pulp fiction

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