so i got an e-reader

my hubby got me a kindle for xmas. which, surprisingly, i’m actually using. not because i ever had a thing about e-readers one way or the other, but i’m the walking definition of the term creature of habit. i just really, really love the feel, weight, tangibility of a bound book in my hands. the satisfying crack of its spine, the creasing of a corner to mark my place, the way it gets fat and fluffy from its pages being ruffled and read. water damage, too, in my case. (i used to get upset when a book started to show its wear and tear, but not anymore. it just means its been well loved. that, and there’s no point with the kids around. i do draw the line at manga, though, since the story is told through visuals and artwork.)

the ipad never worked for me outdoors because of the glare, so the lack of a backlight on the kindle is perfect. which is pretty ironic, considering that the new kindle fire goes on about having that backlight so you can read in the dark…which leads to that same issue of glare while outside in the sun…which is exactly what amazon railed about for the ipad.

(but i don’t think the fire is even available up in canada. so, y’know, moot point and all that…)

anyway, i’m already looking forward to loading up my kindle for vacations. no more buying books halfway through because i didn’t bring enough to read–again.

and the screen’s already really dirty–mostly toothpaste spatters since i read while brushing my teeth (gross, i know). i guess it’s pretty much the e-equivalent of creased spines and dogeared corners. apart from travel, it doesn’t replace bound books for me (*looks around at all the piles everywhere*). but it’s a great option.

the house will be empty tomorrow. back to school, back to work. which means i can start writing at 8 in the morning instead of 11 at night. cannot. wait.

OH. it’s 2012 and i can finally say DUALED is coming out next year! crazy, surreal, somewhat frightening! happy new year, y’all!

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10 thoughts on “so i got an e-reader

  1. I’m laughing about your toothpaste splatters because the one time when a kindle totally wins over a book is during flossing. Can’t do that one-handed and, yes, there are some books I have refused to put down for even a second.

  2. Hiya Hillary! Heh, good to hear that I’m not that gross, after all πŸ™‚ The kindle totally works for stirring one-handed over the stove, too. No pages being set on fire.

  3. I am getting my kindle today…itΒ΄s waiting for me at the post office πŸ™‚ It took me forever to make that decision as, like you, I am a creature of habit. I love the water stains on my books but now IΒ΄m a tad worried about the toothpaste on my kindle πŸ™‚

  4. Spit on a finger works to wipe off the screen πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your kindle!

  5. Jason Gormally says:

    The wife bought me a Sony pocket reader for a belated Christmas present and I swear, I’ve only put the thing down while I sleep ever since. It’s become like a growth on the end of my arm.

  6. Akoss says:

    I got a nook color for xmas and so far I’ve been reading a bunch of samples. It’s a great feel to be able to sample a book you’ve been coveting to make sure you like it before buying it and without having to make a trip to the bookstore. πŸ™‚
    Happy New Year to you and yes your book is coming out next year. 2012 is going to be full of awesome for you πŸ™‚

  7. Hey there, thanks so much!! Yep, can’t wait for 2013, but also going to enjoy this build-up year, too. Anticipation is half the fun, after all. I hope you enjoy your Nook. It *is* great being to able to sample; with so many books out there, sometimes you just have to narrow it down πŸ™‚

  8. Jon says:

    I’ve been so far unable to treat my Kindle like a book, versus an electronic object that must be kept fastidiously clean. This probably has more to do with my OCD, but it’s killing the time and places I can read!

  9. Hey there, Jon! I kind of rank the Kindle closer to my nano in terms of machinery, which gets banged up a lot on runs, etc. But at least the need to keep yours clean isn’t keeping you from using it. Enjoy!

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