introducing friday the thirteeners

being a part of the young adult writing community is a pretty awesome thing. there’s something special about a group of people who embrace you simply because you do the same thing they do–write books for teens. the amount of support blows me away, and i feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of it.

first there’s the amazing lucky 13s. home to YA authors making their debut in 2013, the talent pool is vast as hell and getting bigger by the day. i joined back in october, and i 100% blame them for getting me on twitter and perfecting the art of mucking around online reading fun writing blogs and calling it “research”. heh.

and now i’m super excited to be announcing the launch of friday the thirteeners, a brand new blog featuring a small group of YA authors making their debut in 2013! it’s a little different than most writer blogs in that we’re asking readers to drive much of the content. so you get to ask us to do weird stuff. seriously.

AND THERE’S PRIZES, FOLKS!!! so come say hello!

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2 thoughts on “introducing friday the thirteeners

  1. Candice says:

    Both are great sites! I’ve loved being part of the Young Adult community (I’m still in the reader community for the moment!); it’s such a fun place to be. Everyone is definitely accepting and supportive, which is such a wonderful environment! Good luck with your book next year!

  2. Hi there, Candice! I’m so glad you’re loving the community right now, whether you’re reading OR writing (or both!)!) There’s some great sources and people out there. Best of luck with your writing, and thanks also for the well wishes!

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