reaching third base aka an excuse to talk about moneyball

moneyball has been my white noise of choice while working these past few days. such a smart, nuanced movie. there’s layers within the dialogue that slowly show themselves the more you watch it, and the funny bits actually get better, fuller. it’s impossible to work to at first, but watch it enough times and eventually it mellows out to a pleasant, underlying rumble. good company that doesn’t make you keep checking your watch.

also, because it’s got brad pitt in it. (when genius husband was told pitt was nominated for an oscar for his role as billy beane, he was a bit surprised, saying that as much as he likes him in the movie, he pulls the confident swagger thingy too often for most of his movies. my argument is that i totally bought him as billy beane, swagger or not. plus, he can eat a twinkie in two bites and still look cool.)

do you think jonah hill watches moneyball and wishes he’d lost the weight before filming? he just looks so entirely different now…i don’t know if his Peter Brand would work so well being so thin. then i think of him in superbad and it just blows my mind that seth is up for one of those little gold men, too.

to make this post about moneyball even remotely writerly, it’s where i feel i’m at right now in terms of edits. line edits–that slow crawl through the ms, line by line, 80,000 words. for the most part, they’re small changes, ie word structure, word choice, etc. but then you’ll get the odd change that will still end up having a cascading effect–where one change at one point means having it roll throughout.three days till deadline and i’m at third base with home in sight. brain is fried, but not in a bad, battered way. more like it’s been milked dry, squeezed, actually put to use.

the thing is, this baseball analogy can be applied to any part of the writing process. finishing that ms, getting that agent, getting that deal. for me, at this time, it’s the editing breakdown–self-edits, agent-edits, editorial letter (multiple stages), line edits, then finally copy edits. home runs happen, but how often? baby steps, then. bunts, walks, just getting on base and going from there.

random: listening to coldplay fix you, snowpatrol run, drake feat. rihanna take care. reading: ew oscar issue (heh). watching: MONEYBALL

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