i’ve been back and forthing with a fellow ya author friend about another author whose books we just love. someone whose books came to form much of our reading and writing foundations. and our clear favourites of the bunch? the ones written when the author had been charged on just a bit more than the normal “writer’s high”.

and i don’t mean just caffeine, either.

it came down to a sense of just leaving everything out there, uglies and dirt and all. there’s edge, it’s raw, and pure feeling poured out in every word and turn of phrase. like there was no care about structure or mechanics as long as the story made its way onto the page. it was almost romantic, the hurry to love before the passion was gone.

i still reread those books all the time. the worlds are familiar now, but no less vivid.

what do you think about needing to be elevated to write well, or write at all? being hopped up on nerve-jumping adrenaline from lack of sleep? chain-chugging red bull? stuffing down sugar-laced candies by the handful? does it just come down to catching that groove that lets you tap into that writer side of yourself? is this when you write most as yourself?

oh. i’m up for my truth or dare this friday on friday the thirteeners. don’t miss!


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6 thoughts on “buzzed

  1. Yep – the rawness is right on. There’s a very primal part of writing that can be glossed over when we’re trying too hard to be… acceptable.

  2. Hey Mindy! Yep, I agree, it’s a hard line to straddle. And when you see it, you can’t miss it. Maybe we need to have a section in the bookstore labelling as such, heh. Thanks for coming by!

  3. Irene says:

    I just stuffed myself with caffeine, sugar, cookies and then some more caffeine. But the story didn’t unfold itself on my (blank) screen.
    My fingertips weren’t making miles on keys.
    I guess I’ll just wait here for another hour, see what happens (and while I’m waiting I might as well eat the rest of the cookies).
    Sometimes something that looks like a story will show up.. Other times I’ll go to bed just feeling stuffed.
    Anyway, I doesn’t keep me from trying again tomorrow.

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