bologna blurb love!

it was already so cool seeing it online, and having it mentioned on the lucky 13s blog as i’d mentioned downwind from this post. but then i found it at the union square barnes and noble here in nyc. real hard copies, right there on the shelf.

in this week’s publishers weekly magazine, an article about american lit agents attending the bologna children’s book fair.  it’s bologna briefcase: what the agents are bringing. a quick iPhone pic:

wow. WOW. you can bet i was a dork and bought a few copies! i think of foreign deals as over-the-top icing on an already fantastic cake–never expected, never a gimme, yet always squee’ed over. crossing my fingers!

(and speaking of cake, am totally on the lookout for drake’s coffee cake. they’re supposed to be everywhere here in the city, but so far no luck. well, we’re walking the brooklyn bridge today. maybe we’ll find them over there?)

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4 thoughts on “bologna blurb love!

  1. Amanda Hosch says:


  2. Peggy says:

    It’s so much more exciting to see your novel’s name in actual print. Here’s hoping a Spanish edition of Dualed comes next!

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