prepare to get wet: the wild ride that is drafting

immersed in copy edits for DUALED for the next little while. then immediately diving into writing the sequel afterward.

when it’s time for revisions or edits, we call it disappearing into the revision cave. we hunker down and devolve into people no longer capable of two-way conversation. we finally emerge from the dark weeks later, weak as runty kittens and pale as the moon.

what do we call it when drafting? i guess it’s like trying to navigate the crazy, choppy waters that lead to the mouth of that cave. we arm ourselves with a mental map of the general direction we know we need to take, a fuzzy composite of the ultimate destination point. words and characters and plot points are our adrenaline, deadlines our endurance, caffeine and unhealthy finger foods our sustenance. we might very well drift a little astray or get blown a bit off-course during the process, maybe even get soaked to the bone with cold, errant waves, but we’ll get there just the same.

every story wants to be told; we just have to help steer it along.

on another note, debating whether or not to brave the crowds for the hunger games movie, or wait for them to die down before going. opening crowds are both exhilarating and frightening, especially for movies with rabid fan bases. example: twilight. already both series are being compared, and by extension, their fans. a comparison i heard the other day? twilight fans are all high-pitched squeals, HG fans roaring battle cries.

random: listening to arcade fire’s abraham’s daughter

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2 thoughts on “prepare to get wet: the wild ride that is drafting

  1. Emma Pass says:

    I love this analogy for drafting, Elsie! It’s so true. I am there right now as I work on book 2 while waiting for my next lot of revisions for ACID, and it’s a real white-knuckle ride. Wouldn’t swap it though! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi there, Emma! Thanks, I think the analogy is apt, too. It’s funny how each process is so different from each other. But you are absolutely right–would not change any of it for the world! Good luck with book 2, and see you on the other side πŸ™‚

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