vlog hopping (or, blog hopping #4)

yep, that’s no typo in the title! i’m over at friday the thirteeners today, answering a couple of writing truths for truth or dare via my first vlog ever. come say hi!

this week has been all about the hunger games. my reaction to the movie? love. what i think about some of the racist reactions to the casting of rue, thresh, and cinna? they are supposed to be dark-skinned. that’s how suzanne collins wrote the characters in the book. on that note, fellow YA author and blogger friend ellen oh is running a diversity in YA feature on her blog this week.

random stuff: listening to taylor swift’s safe & sound (the hunger games soundtrack); reading haruki murukami’s iq84

even more random stuff: i blogged about the duality (see what i did there?) of this adam lambert video a bit ago. the song’s still a total ear worm for me; check out this amazingly talented dance class, choreography (by Dejan Tubic & Janelle Ginestra) set to a very cool remix:

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