link round up

okay, so these posts are for my busy or lazy or mushy-brain days. but trust that they’re still worth reading.

first, as a member of friday the thirteeners, i’m super proud to say we’re participating in the crits for water 2012 campaign! if you’re a writer, you can make a donation towards charity: water in exchange for critiques on your work from authors, editors, agents, and other folks in the pub industry. learn more about it here. you can donate towards the charity anytime, but if you want to bid on a query crit from us especially, circle june 28th (scroll down) on your calendar and get your bids ready!

us thirteeners are also running a pretty cool contest to celebrate the fact that it was friday the 13th last week. guess who wrote what with the given hint, and up for grabs are gift cards and free YA books! not only that, we all had fun writing a fantasy-themed bit, exquisite corpse style. one day left to enter, so check it all out here!

over on the lucky 13s, my announcement for the sequel to DUALED made the super awesome bomb diggity news post for the 13th of april. seriously, life is good!

and some more random to finish off. watching: our severely backed up pvr. or, more specifically, getting through approximately 42 episodes of jimmy fallon. eating: sea salt caramel on rice crackers. listening: drake feat. rihanna take care

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9 thoughts on “link round up

  1. agenevievetucholke says:

    Crits for water! Awesome. And man, sea salt and caramel. I’m not a fancypants espresso drinker, but 2 of the indie cafes here in town make their own salted caramel for lattes, and they sprinkle fleur de sel on top, the bastards. I’m totally their b***h.

  2. agenevievetucholke says:

    Elsie, if you come visit me, I’m taking you out to the woods at dusk so we can both run from the killer coyote/wolf hybrids. That sounds like fun, right?

    • That would be the most fun, awesome thing I can think of, actually. Nothing like some good, ol’ terror to get the creative juices going, you know? (Still think you could get a nice, little short story out of that experience, April.)

  3. agenevievetucholke says:

    Ha. Maybe I’ll do a thirteener post about it. I have a feeling that if I put it in a book, my characters would seem like cowards, running from howling coyotes, gosh darn it. Though I am not ashamed I ran. I AM NOT ASHAMED.

  4. agenevievetucholke says:

    Ha! Maybe I’ll just take my iphone out to those trails at twilight and record some howling. Oh, man. Yikes. This is a true dare.

  5. agenevievetucholke says:

    Famous last words…

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