cover reveal aftermath and link round up

okay, so my little corner of the internet pretty much exploded on me yesterday. it was…amazing. i’m up after four hours of sleep and still buzzed. so here’s a little wrap-up post before it’s back to work!

the cover for DUALED finally went live! it’s pretty awesome:

i knew the cover going live would change things up a bit, as it would finally give a face to DUALED. but, whoa, you guys are incredible!!! it was surreal to see the adds on goodreads just keep climbing. thank you!

my hugest thanks to kari olsonΒ at a good addiction for hosting the reveal! and it’s the first cover for us over at friday the thirteeners, too! i really love you guys! special thanks to ellen oh for putting the post together.

DUALED also made waiting on wednesday‘s pick of the week for some very cool bloggers! this really kind of blew my mind–it’s going to be a very long time before i get used to seeing the book “out there”! kelsey (who actually worked on the earliest drafts of DUALED as an intern at random house! how cool is that?) at slush sleuth; brooke–just give me some teasers DUDE!–at brooke reports; ashelynn at gypsy book reviews; kristin at blood, sweat, and books; sarah at head stuck in a book; reut at reutreads; danya at a tapestry of words; and mitchii at aeropapers! thanks so much, you guys!

whew! and i still managed to get 1000 words down for DIVIDED yesterday. it was a FANTASTIC day, y’all! so now i’m going to shut up, disappear for a bit, and just write.

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8 thoughts on “cover reveal aftermath and link round up

  1. Love the cover and intense tag line πŸ™‚

  2. Emma Pass says:

    Congratulations on having such a badass cover, Elsie, and congrats on all the coverage it’s getting! I know I’ve said this everywhere else but I can’t wait to read it!!

    • Emma, thank you so much!! And I don’t mind, you can tell me as many times as you like!! Well, you know how excited I am about ACID, right??? The name alone is going to make an awesome cover!

  3. jayang says:

    Um, awesome. !!

  4. alexlidell says:

    AMAZING cover. DUALED is bound to kick serious butt. Wohooo!!

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