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if you find me cover reveal and link round up

i’m so happy to be able to share the cover for if you find me by emily murdoch! it’s a very intense read, with the perfect intense cover to match it. em’s not only a fellow lucky 13ner, but i originally met her on the absolute write forums when i first started writing. so it’s particularly gratifying to see all her hard work pay off! congrats, em! if you find me comes out april 2013!

some links! i participated in a post over on the amazing ya highway blog, where the lovely kristin halbrook talks about the first sale: expectation vs reality. look for part 2 on the site on tuesday!

as a friday the thirteener, i’m taking part in crits for water, where you can bid on query crits from us in exchange for a donation to a good cause. click here! bidding open until june 29, 6pm est!

well, as you know, the ala (american library association) annual conference took place this past weekend (and i’m sad to say DUALED arcs never made it there, but are absolutely guaranteed to be at ala in seattle in january 2013, so sorry to those bloggers who were on the lookout for it!). a huge issue came up with the distribution of arcs–namely, a couple of greedy bloggers took more than they should have (including duplicates) and then had the stupidity to vlog and brag about their haul. read some truly enlightening articles of the issue at stacked: the arc stops here and reading, writing breathing: bloggers vs librarians?

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pivot point cover reveal/ARC requests for dualed

i think it’s about time for yet another cover reveal, don’t you? how’s this gorgeous cover for pivot point by kasie west? i love how you can’t tell if the girls are friends or enemies. and we need more covers with vertical title placements because it’s really refreshing and eye-catching! kasie is a friend, fellow friday the thirteener, and lucky 13, and i couldn’t be happier for her! congrats, kasie! pivot point will be published february 2013, and it’s fantastic, so make sure you pick it up!

also, see that little tab up top? the one that says ARC requests? actually, i’ll even add the form here. yep, random house is now taking requests for DUALED ARCs. so if you’re a book reviewer, a blogger, or librarian, and are interested in reading DUALED, please submit a request! and while i can’t guarantee you’ll be sent an ARC, i promise that my publisher will consider each and every request! and i’m still blown away from all the enthusiasm for DUALED, so thank you so much!

so my first page passes for DUALED are due tomorrow. it’s my last chance for any real edits. then it’s back to drafting DIVIDED, which is due next week. i love summer, but i wouldn’t mind if it rained until my deadlines are up. sun definitely makes it harder to write!

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taken and the nightmare affair cover reveals/ARCs at ala!

even more gorgeous covers being revealed this week! this time it’s fellow YA author, friday the thirteener, and lucky 13 erin bowman‘s cover for taken, as well as fellow YA author and  lucky 13 mindee arnett‘s cover for the nightmare affair! what blows me away about both of these fantastic covers is the use of deep, saturated colours throughout the jacket. those art designers did an amazing job! taken will be published in april 2013 and the nightmare affair in march 2013!

also, it’s the american library association (ala) annual conference this weekend in anaheim, ca! it’s where librarians, educators, authors, and publishers all get together and talk books. crowds and booths and tables abound. what’s cool is there will be DUALED ARCs available! i’ve already begged some author and blogger friends to take a pic if they’re spotted!

speaking of ARCs, i should be getting my copies soon, but in the meantime, marketing at random house sent me a pic. you know, just to torture me! they look absolutely incredible and i’m going to cry when i finally hold one!

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prophecy and the madman’s daughter cover reveals!

there is nothing better than being able to celebrate with your friends when something fantastic happens. today, fellow YA authors, friday the thirteeners, AND lucky 13s ellen oh and megan shepherd both had cover reveals! ellen’s prophecy and megan’s the madman’s daughter will both be released in january 2013. buy them, read them, enjoy them!

and just look at these covers! they are gorgeous and mind-blowing and i couldn’t be happier for them! plus their books are pretty damn fantastic, too!

blog hopping: i’m over at fellow YA author, friday the thirteener, AND lucky 13 mindy mcginnis’s blog today. we’re hanging out and she gets to ask me questions about DUALED’s cover. come say hi!

DIVIDED: 70K and counting. and my first pass pages for DUALED are due next week. but there is light at the end of the tunnel, you guys, and waiting for me on the other side is summer vacation, a dirty house that needs to be cleaned, and a super massive to be read pile.

random: listening to snow patrol’s run. eating: take out every night for the last week and a half. feeling kind of gross about it.

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netgalley/edelweiss/blog hopping #9

hi all, it’s another here-but-not-here post, and there’s an incredible amount of stuff happening this week! most of which i’ll post about later, when i’m done (or close to done) drafting DiVIDED and signing off on DUALED. because there’s only two weeks left before summer hits and the house is once again bombarded with loud, sweaty youth and i’m feeding the neighbourhood kids freezies all day long. two weeks. so much writing to still be done. eeeeps.

but right now i have to share this, because it just about blew my mind when it happened.

DUALED is now on netgalley as well as edelweiss. which means librarians, booksellers, reviewers, and select bloggers can now request it from random house and actually read it.

i’m both excited and terrified. so much enthusiasm already on twitter, where some amazing bloggers have already reached out to me to tell me how they can’t wait to read it as soon as they get approved and can start downloading. some already have it, right this very minute. it’s completely surreal and bizarre and wonderful all at the same time!

so while i’m trying to not think about that too much, today you can find me over at gypsy book reviews, where the lovely ashelynn interviews me about the cover for DUALED! ashelynn, thank you again so much for having me on your blog!

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blog hopping #8

hey all, i’m over at friday the thirteeners today because it’s my week to post.

you know what we have to do as thirteeners, right? we play truth or dare, as submitted by readers. or, in the case of my dare this week, as submitted by my friend and fellow thirteener, april tucholke.

she owes me big time. because i’m vlogging a reading from that old classic, flowers in the attic.

as a young teen, it was the book to read. it was the fifty shades of grey of our time, young adult style. when our children’s literature professor in university told us it was, at one point, the most widely read book for fourteen year old girls, there was not one person in the classroom who was actually surprised.

you can watch it here. the reading material is of a sexual nature, so you can’t say you haven’t been warned. and if you’re not thirteen years old yet, there are many other things you should be doing instead 🙂

random stuff this week! listening to: coldplay feat. rihanna princess of china. reading: nothing except my first draft of DIVIDED. 51k and counting, whoo hoo! stress eating: too much junk.

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let the sky fall cover reveal and link round up!

my friend and fellow friday the thirteener shannon messenger had her cover reveal for let the sky fall this week! here is the pretty! how incredibly gorgeous is this cover, right? congrats, shannon! as we get closer to 2013, i’ll be posting cover reveals of the rest of the thirteeners here, and some of my closest luckies, too. cover reveals are big milestones for an author, and there’s nothing better than being able to share them.

also, my brain is so. very. fried this week. halfway through book 2 and living on drafting adrenaline and very little sleep. but it’s all good!!! it’s been an incredible last few days, and with so much love for DUALED (and not out of sheer exhaustion, nope, not at all!), i’ll finish up this post with a link round up.

DUALED made it onto amazon (ca and com and even japan, heh!) and chapters this week. EEPS. something very surreal about seeing it out there. I can’t even… truly unbelievable!

the lovely giselle (a canadian book blogger!) over at xpressoreads picked DUALED as her WoW this week. as did cleo over at booklopedia, kim at kimreads, brodie at eleusinian mysteries of reading, and renae at rolling with the moments. hopefully i didn’t miss anyone!

and lots more cover love! thanks kat and steph for featuring DUALED at cuddlebuggery, and thanks to all things urban fantasy for DUALED winning the, um, duel of covers!

thanks to the book smugglerswild heart, natasa, a never ending fantasy, a reader of fictionserika on the move, katie’s book blogimperial beachnicole’s ya book haven, bibliopunkkya book queen, and young readers!

and some foreign sites picked up on it, too. here, herehere and here. WOW.

MUCH thanks and love, everyone!

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