blog hopping #8

hey all, i’m over at friday the thirteeners today because it’s my week to post.

you know what we have to do as thirteeners, right? we play truth or dare, as submitted by readers. or, in the case of my dare this week, as submitted by my friend and fellow thirteener, april tucholke.

she owes me big time. because i’m vlogging a reading from that old classic, flowers in the attic.

as a young teen, it was the book to read. it was the fifty shades of grey of our time, young adult style. when our children’s literature professor in university told us it was, at one point, the most widely read book for fourteen year old girls, there was not one person in the classroom who was actually surprised.

you can watch it here. the reading material is of a sexual nature, so you can’t say you haven’t been warned. and if you’re not thirteen years old yet, there are many other things you should be doing instead 🙂

random stuff this week! listening to: coldplay feat. rihanna princess of china. reading: nothing except my first draft of DIVIDED. 51k and counting, whoo hoo! stress eating: too much junk.

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13 thoughts on “blog hopping #8

  1. wendy says:

    omg…..traumatized. btw your voice sounds totally different on camera.

  2. Ha! I know, I sound even more chirpy than normal. Now I kind of want to read the book again, though.

  3. Tight and resisting. That’s all I’m going to say.

    Your word count on Divided is making me feel a bit punchy. As in, want to punch something. 51k. Good god. My lowly 16 is looking like dirt, now.

    • Strong dancer’s legs. Biceps and greater height and weight. Oh my.

      Yeah, but each of those 51000 words huurrrrt. And there is more to come.

      16000 is a LOT, April. You just need a lot MORE, lol. Plus, you deserve to fall behind me. This dare was for you!!

      • Her strong dancer’s legs slid into her slick silver spacesuit and she zipped up the front. It was her turn to recalibrate the transport space pod, and it would take her most of the day. Chris would have to wait until evening to….

  4. Don’t forget, she has to lace up her ballet slippers. The silvery ones to match her space suit. Oh, wait, Chris could do that for her…

  5. Chris would have to wait until evening before kneeling down and untying the silver ballet slippers that she always wore, even when she was recalibrating the transport space pod–it was a cherished routine with them. He would untie her slippers and then she would dance for him, barefoot, across the white 7000 Tri-Unit living space floor.

    • And if she fell, she wouldn’t have to worry about cutting the perfect envelope of her skin since her spacesuit would protect her. Otherwise he’d have to play doctor and…oh, wait….

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