netgalley/edelweiss/blog hopping #9

hi all, it’s another here-but-not-here post, and there’s an incredible amount of stuff happening this week! most of which i’ll post about later, when i’m done (or close to done) drafting DiVIDED and signing off on DUALED. because there’s only two weeks left before summer hits and the house is once again bombarded with loud, sweaty youth and i’m feeding the neighbourhood kids freezies all day long. two weeks. so much writing to still be done. eeeeps.

but right now i have to share this, because it just about blew my mind when it happened.

DUALED is now on netgalley as well as edelweiss. which means librarians, booksellers, reviewers, and select bloggers can now request it from random house and actually read it.

i’m both excited and terrified. so much enthusiasm already on twitter, where some amazing bloggers have already reached out to me to tell me how they can’t wait to read it as soon as they get approved and can start downloading. some already have it, right this very minute. it’s completely surreal and bizarre and wonderful all at the same time!

so while i’m trying to not think about that too much, today you can find me over at gypsy book reviews, where the lovely ashelynn interviews me about the cover for DUALED! ashelynn, thank you again so much for having me on your blog!

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4 thoughts on “netgalley/edelweiss/blog hopping #9

  1. Ashelynn Hetland says:

    xoxo! thank YOU for allowing me to!

  2. Ashley says:

    Fingers crossed that my Netgalley request gets accepted!

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