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so can i have a DUALED floor display for myself, please?

because it’s me and i’m lazy with fine print, i had no clue DUALED was going to be sold in australia as part of the deal for north america. so that was incredibly exciting to find out! but i think the best way was how i found out.

i came across this listing for a 9 copy floor display at angus & robertson, an australian bookstore! come february i don’t know if it can actually be ordered as it says, or even actually made, but if so i’ll most definitely try. because how fun would this be to have in the house? i’d rotate the book selection on a regular basis!

a brief link round up this week! DUALED was mentioned in Publisher’s Weekly Spring 2013 Sneak Previews, which was amazing! i was floored to be included with such talented authors. also, an interview i did was translated into romanian at i’m wide awake and fantasy books. english is here! thanks so much sabrina, laura, and ramona!

i only have a few days left until my first set of edits come in for DIVIDED, but since turning in the first draft to my editor, i’ve been madly working through my to-be-read pile (it’s still huge). i’m pretty careful with the books i choose just because of how little time i seem to have left for reading nowadays. this is what i’ve read recently and enjoyed:

ellen oh PROPHECY
shannon messenger LET THE SKY FALL
daniel marks VELVETEEN
patrick ness MONSTERS OF MEN
joshua c. cohen LEVERAGE
moira young BLOOD RED ROAD
lauren destefano WITHER
emma donoghue ROOM
patrick ness A MONSTER CALLS
rj palacio WONDER
huntley fitzpatrick MY LIFE NEXT DOOR

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DUALED ARCs have finally arrived!

i can’t even begin to describe what it’s like to finally hold DUALED in real book form. at first i simply held the unopened package in my hands, just enjoying the moment. it’s a mix of many emotions–joy, gratitude, pride.

a lot of authors capture that one instant with a pic, or on film. i happened to be home by myself when it came to my door, so that didn’t work out. but thinking about it now, it seems fitting that it happened that way. writing is such a solitary journey in so many ways, and seeing this step also unfold on my own somehow felt right, too.

i did take a pic after opening the package! they look absolutely fantastic, and random house accented the title with glossy raised font on the front and the spine in shiny red foil. LOVE.

seeing my name on the cover totally blows me away. seeing my husband and kids hold it and read the words inside is completely surreal. people have been asking me if it finally feels real now, and to tell you the truth, i don’t really know what that means. i don’t know if i’m going to feel any differently when i can walk into a bookstore in february and see it on the shelf. all i know is i already feel so much, of everything. incredibly excited, immense happiness, anxiety and nervousness and anticipation for the upcoming months…

it’s awesome, you guys!!!

now, today is also friday the thirteenth. 2013 has been deemed a very lucky year for us friday the thirteeners! to celebrate our day, we’ve come up with a super fun post and an epic giveaway! we had some fun and came up with pen names and titles for our books. la dude by peach seminal? that would be me!

anyway, come by the blog and enter for your chance to win a prize pack consisting of thirteen YA books. each thirteener is offering up a book in our genre that we love so much we wish we’d written it! my selection is battle royale by koushun takami.

a lot of readers compare it to the hunger games, but battle royale was actually originally published in japan in 1999 and only translated for north american audiences in 2003. takami takes the idea of children being forced to battle to the death much further, in ways much darker and much more violent and visceral. it’s an unforgettable book, a true standout in the dystopian genre, and i hope whoever wins it will enjoy it!

random: reading patrick ness’s chaos walking trilogy book 2, the ask and the answer; listening to gym class heroes feat. ryan tedder the fighter, calvin harris feat. ne-yo let’s go.

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downtime is hard to get used to…

it really is!

so while i’m still waiting for my ARCs in the mail *cough randomhouseplease hurryup cough* i thought i’d share a pic of the awesome art sample of the cover my editor sent me. i think it was to soften the blow of the first pass pages! but it’s gorgeous, and i love it.

also, i’ve had people ask me what first page passes are. they’re basically the last step before the final books are printed. it’s all the final little changes, such as punctuation or word echoes. here’s what my stack of DUALED’s pages looked like after i was done with them.

in the meantime, i’m trying super hard to make a dent into my to-be-read pile. here’s a pic. this doesn’t include the last seven books i just ordered from chapters, or the ones i have on my kindle. i’m hoping by xmas…maybe…

but, yeah, it’s hard to switch back into reading mode. probably because reading doesn’t feel anything like work. even though it is, since it’s just as important as the act of writing. sometimes the best ideas come when we’re not trying…

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link round up!

my brain is mush and i’ve lived off take-out sushi, tea, apples, and egg whites for 3 weeks. there’s scuzz growing in our sinks and i’m scared to check the state of the pvr. i miss the treadmill.

but there’s also something really cool about not going to bed until it’s getting light out. and it’s fun to see the difference between my twitter feed during day and night. being on the west coast, my feed dies down around 11pm. but then it’s the end of the workday on the other side of the world and aussie happy hour hits from 1-2am. then i get to talk to some cool brits. finally the east coast feed kicks in around 4am.

all this to say…i’m finally done DIVIDED!!! drafting it, anyway. there will be much revision and editing ahead before it’s done done. but YAY! 89,000 words and i’m so happy with each and every one of them.

okay, link round up before i take a day or two to read through it before hitting SEND to my editor.

DUALED got a mention from the utterly fantastic kari olson over at a good addiction. she’s read the ARC and counts it as one of her drool worthy upcoming books! thanks so very much, kari! i’m incredibly floored to be included in such amazing company.

as a lucky 13, we’re at the halfway mark until our books are published! six months to go! so to celebrate, we’re having a massive book giveaway of some of our favourite books. my selection was stephen king’s the eyes of the dragon. i love the heck out of this book. it’s king, it’s fantasy, it’s amazing. come enter, contest closes midnight, july 6th!

i’m taking part in ya highway’s the first sale: expectation vs reality. this is part 2. did you miss part 1? thanks, kristin halbrook, for putting together these posts! i love reading about how everyone’s publishing journeys are so different.

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