link round up!

my brain is mush and i’ve lived off take-out sushi, tea, apples, and egg whites for 3 weeks. there’s scuzz growing in our sinks and i’m scared to check the state of the pvr. i miss the treadmill.

but there’s also something really cool about not going to bed until it’s getting light out. and it’s fun to see the difference between my twitter feed during day and night. being on the west coast, my feed dies down around 11pm. but then it’s the end of the workday on the other side of the world and aussie happy hour hits from 1-2am. then i get to talk to some cool brits. finally the east coast feed kicks in around 4am.

all this to say…i’m finally done DIVIDED!!! drafting it, anyway. there will be much revision and editing ahead before it’s done done. but YAY! 89,000 words and i’m so happy with each and every one of them.

okay, link round up before i take a day or two to read through it before hitting SEND to my editor.

DUALED got a mention from the utterly fantastic kari olson over at a good addiction. she’s read the ARC and counts it as one of her drool worthy upcoming books! thanks so very much, kari! i’m incredibly floored to be included in such amazing company.

as a lucky 13, we’re at the halfway mark until our books are published! six months to go! so to celebrate, we’re having a massive book giveaway of some of our favourite books. my selection was stephen king’s the eyes of the dragon. i love the heck out of this book. it’s king, it’s fantasy, it’s amazing. come enter, contest closes midnight, july 6th!

i’m taking part in ya highway’s the first sale: expectation vs reality. this is part 2. did you miss part 1? thanks, kristin halbrook, for putting together these posts! i love reading about how everyone’s publishing journeys are so different.

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15 thoughts on “link round up!

  1. Peggy says:

    A big congratulations on finishing your draft for Divided. Did you do something fun to celebrate?

    • Hi Peggy! Thanks so much! I’m celebrating by revising and then cleaning the house! But afterward, I’ve got a huge TBR pile to tackle, and some tv to catch up on!

  2. Elsie, I’m so glad you finished DIVIDED! Because I was going to ask you to co-write/draw a VC Andrews inspired graphic novel with me.*

    You in?

    *I can’t draw, so I guess you’ll be in charge of that. I’ll, um, write some of the words in the bubbles, and give you tips on drawing the sexy scenes. This is a really good, fair plan.

  3. Emma Pass says:

    Yay, Elsie! Mega congrats for finishing DIVIDED. And I, erm, look forward to seeing the results of your and April’s collaboration… 😀

  4. christa says:

    YAY, I can’t wait for divided to come out !! I really loved dualed it was one of my favorite books I read this year. Good luck finshing the book can’t wait to read the new one. 🙂

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