recharging, holidays, and a link round up!

i’m copying and pasting one of my tweets from yesterday:

Going to stare at a blank page while sitting on the deck in the sun. Am bringing peanut butter and spoon with me. #brainfood

and then this one shortly after:

I started the day thinking I needed to work on a new book, but now I’m tweeting about Pinkberry and eating PB from the jar with a spoon.

so it’s pretty safe to say the creative gears aren’t exactly turning right now. and as important as reading time is, i’m feeling a bit sluggish after a couple of weeks of doing nothing but working through my TBR pile. but holidays are just around the corner, so i’m hoping the restlessness will go away and the time will be great for recharging. not only for the revisions for DIVIDED that will be waiting for me when i get back, but maybe a new idea will spark while i’m away from the norm.

until then, some links! i blogged about books i wish i’d written over on the lucky 13s last week. as well, i’m now taking part in best book ever, a weekly feature on short and sweet reviews where authors, bloggers, and book lovers get together and post what they choose to be the best book according to that week’s topic. last week was series; this week is book-to-movie adaptation. also, i’m this week’s author on writer odyssey wednesday over on chasing the crazies. thanks so much to amy for hosting me!

the month of august is an exciting time for fans of dystopian ya! both presenting lenore and reader of fictionsΒ are running dystopian august, an event in which each blog features upcoming dystopian novels, reviews, interviews, and giveaways! i’m incredibly excited and flattered that DUALED will appear on both sometime during dystopian august! much thanks to lenore and christina!

and holidays! it’s supposed to be sweltering in japan right now. i can’t believe how much i’ve missed the joy of finding vending machines on every corner selling drinks for the equivalent of a loonie. in the spring, i went for hot canned coffee or heated red bean drinks; this time, it’s going to be chilled green tea.

random: listening to b.o.b feat taylor swift both of us; about to start reading REBEL HEART by moira young, the only thing i’m looking forward to during a ten hour flight. (it’s not out in north america until october, but this means you still have time to read book 1 in the dust lands series, BLOOD RED ROAD); watching olympics. nothing but olympics. getting my fill while i can, since i don’t know if i’ll be able to stream this overseas.

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10 thoughts on “recharging, holidays, and a link round up!

  1. Emma Pass says:

    Sounds like your creative batteries are recharging nicely! And looking forward to seeing DUALED on Presenting Lenore and Reader of Fictions. Will check out the rest of those links asap. πŸ™‚

  2. Okay, the Dustlands cover is very…RAWR. Usually I’m more of an orginal illustration girl, but all right. I guess I’m in. Plus, I like the yellow.

    Peanut butter from the jar. You should throw some opera on when you do this, Elsie. I dig the trashy/classy contrast πŸ™‚

    • April, your comments are truly one of a kind. Hah! I LOVE the cover, yes. But there have been some people noting the stick coming out of his butt. Now I can’t unsee it. But, still, love! They redid the paperback cover of Blood Red Road to match it, too. How’s the audio going for that?

      Hmm, opera. Would the LOTR soundtrack do? I can’t do classy, but I can do atmospheric geek.

  3. Yep. Now all I’m seeing on that cover is the butt stick.

    Atmospheric Geek. Elsie, write a contemp John Green book and call it that, ok?

    Audio for BRR-only 10 minutes in. I’ve got 7 hours left of Red Seas Under Red Skies first, darn it all.

    • BUTT. STICK.

      Let me know what you think of BRR when you’re done. I love Saba and Jack! Oh, John Green…TFIOS came very close to making me cry. Have you read that one? I don’t know if I can do “atmospheric geek” justice!

  4. I have not read Fault. But I’ve seen my way through most of his other books. Green baby, he’s got the contemp down.

    The reoccurring themes in this post (in no particular order):

    1. Atmospheric Geek.

    2. Butt stick.

    3. BRR

    4. Peanut Butter in a Jar

    What does it all mean, Elsie?

  5. Hahahaha…butt stick! Oh no! Hahahahaha.

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