eating all the food here in tokyo!

my lovely, awesome, and super talented friend and fellow YA writer ellen oh (PROPHECY) asked if i’d be up for putting together a post consisting of food pics. i’ve been tweeting them off and on (#tokyofoodpics on twitter), but those only skim the surface. because the thing is, we’ve been eating A LOT ever since we arrived here in tokyo. and apart from manga and books (see my previous camera-happy post here), i love taking pics of food most of all.

zaru soba with a side of tororo (a kind of grated yam).

kitsune udon with a side of curry rice.

melon soda at kfc. the flavour is as popular as cola back home!

salted and spicy chicken yakitori.

salmon onigiri.

ramune (soda) flavoured alcohol!

tamago maki.

smooth chocolate (all melty from all the heat) infused with individual salt crystals…

…the pocky on the left is milk chocolate salty! really good, too.

hot matcha and sweet azuki beans with fresh mochi.

huge selection of onigiri for take-out from a shop at the ueno train station!

an assorted bento for lunch!

panda buns!

chilled matcha latte from the vending machine.

hot ramen from the vending machine. comes complete with plastic fork!

best guess to the kit kat flavour? black molasses.

choice of tempura toppings for udon noodles.

curry rice with a soft-boiled egg.

umeboshi flavoured potato chips!

beef bowl with grilled tofu. this is available as fast food in japan.

royal milk tea is delicious, and a favourite from the vending machine. it’s what i miss most about no longer eating dairy.

udon noodles are eaten for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner here.

a beef and salmon lunch set. miso and coleslaw sides.

cold soba noodles, done double decker style. YES I ATE IT ALL.

oden (stew) from the vending machine.

chicken karaage with grated radish and mayo on the side.

fried meats of all kinds! snacks on sticks make up so much of the street and festival food here.

chilled and bottled iced coffee at the continental breakfast buffet at the hotel.

beef and salmon breakfast set. with miso and pickle sides.

belgian style waffles are popular here! i miss the iced green tea ones they had last time, though…

…iced chocolate belgian style waffles…

…some of the flavours: chocolate, honey apple, maple, cookies and cream, plain.

hamburg steak with omelette rice.

take out meals available at the 7-11. LOVE the 7-11s here…

…selection of onigiri at the local 7-11…

…more to-go meals at 7-11.

cold soba salad.

both salty and sweet (caramel) popcorn are available at the movie theatre. melon fountain soda, too…

…you can also eat a pork rib sandwich while watching a movie…

…or even a spicy tomato curry hot dog!

fried savoury rice snacks on a stick!

this shop specializes in boxed confectionaries for gift-giving. omiyage (souvenirs) are a big deal here…

…but we ate these souvenir buns ourselves ๐Ÿ™‚ best filled buns ever…

…azuki and lotus seed bun fillings.

salt and lychee drink.

grilled vegetable skewers.

cold tanuki soba.

i need to try the yellow watermelon before going home!

fried pork gyoza.

takoyaki flavoured crackers!

vegetable soba. there were fiddleheads in there, first time i’ve ever had them.

grilled pork on rice.

japanese bakeries are really wonderful. the buns on the top left are sakura buns and swirled with pink colouring.

inari with assorted fillings.

raspberry cream kakigoori (shaved ice).

eating okonomiyaki (savoury pancake) at the festival.

sushi, kaiten style. i wish we had more conveyor belt sushi places back home!

taiyaki! check out the cool pans…

…almost too cute to eat. ALMOST…

…the best taiyuki we’ve ever had was in sendai. azuki filling.

tokyo soup stock is this trendy chain restaurant that would fit in perfectly in vancouver.

sake in juice box form!

ingredients for frying our own okonomiyaki at our table grill.

frying up some yakisoba.

konpeito. eating this sugar candy makes me think of the anime stellvia each and every time.

dried kiwi slices from a street vendor in ameyoko.

assorted sausages served on sticks and piled into cups for carrying around during a festival.

more street food. grilled squid, assorted meats.

we’re pretty sure this is konnyaku, a flavourless jelly. here it’s been flavoured with a savoury sauce.

umeboshi onigiri!

chicken sashimi. yes, it’s possible…

platter of marinated meat for yakiniku, which is similar to korean barbecue.

konnyaku squares dusted with kinako (soybean) and green tea powders…


fried mochi on sticks. they tasted like fresh chinese donuts.

iced bananas!

beef bowl with raw egg.

eggplant nigiri topped with bonito flakes.

pork ramen with a soft-boiled egg.

whole grilled fish on a stick!

cold soba ready to be dipped.

assorted yakitori.

azuki and mochi balls on agar cubes to be topped with brown sugar syrup.

sliced mochi topped with kinako and brown sugar syrup.

pork soumen with egg.

silken tofu prepared with cream and sake.

a take-out bento of kalbi beef on rice for lunch on the bullet train.

soba set for breakfast.

green tea pastries.

azuki bean buns.

melon buns! these always make me think of the anime yakitate japan!

fruit and cream sandwiches.

chicken curry buns.

a platter of vegetables ready for us to grill.

skewers of fruit are another popular street food.

novelty ramune flavours: these are squid and kimchee…

…wasabi and tako flavours…

…and curry!

negitoro maki. the biggest difference (apart from freshness) is how less dense the fish seems to be here.

ebi and broccoli sandwich from the bakery!

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19 thoughts on “eating all the food here in tokyo!

  1. Emma Pass says:

    *Tries to eat computer screen* *Is officially not speaking to Elsie any more* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Oh man the taiyaki is bungeoppang in korea and is one of my all time favorite things to eat in the entire world!!! When you said it would be pic heavy, you weren’t kidding! I’m in heaven! Thanks for this post. It is my favorite!!!

    • Yaaaay, Ellen, so glad you like! Yes, oh my god, taiyaki is so freaking good when done right–crisp dough and hot filling! We actually found a place today where you buy tickets from a machine and then exchange the tickets for taiyaki. Not the same as fresh, but we were still more than happy to eat them! I think azuki ones are the best, then taro a close second. When we go to Korea, you must tell me the best places to go for bungeoppang!

      • It’s total street food! You’ll find it anywhere they have lots of street vendors selling food – plus it’s cheap in Korea! And yes the red bean is my fave! When are you going to Korea? I want to go next year also!!!

      • Ellen, hubs wants to go next summer, but the kids want to do the UK first before another asian cuisine (wasn’t kidding when I said we plan vacations around food!). If we do go next year, we should meet up! We’d probably be staying somewhere very central.

  3. Most of this looks amazing! There were a couple things that scared me, but the rest looks fantastic! So jealous!

    • Jenn, I’m afraid my treadmill is going to be going into overdrive when I get home! I know what you mean–most of the food is amazing, but a few things are definitely an eye-opener!

  4. elena says:

    omg Elsie THIS WHOLE POOOST. I am currently very hungry and this post is making me all starry eyed. PAAAANDA BUNS (!!!), MELON SODA, NOODLES, SUSHI! Everything looks DELICIOUS.

  5. Oh, man. The Japanese noodle soups! I love them, I love them so much. And the matcha! Elsie, I kind of want to kill you. Just a little bit.

    You lucky bastard.

  6. Irene says:

    Let’s see. I want the green tea pastries. ALL the fluorescent drinks (because I think they might give me superpowers; YAY Hulk, ahem, sorry I’m easily distracted).
    And of course the YELLOW watermelon.
    Please get them to me, I only live on the other side of the world (but you can probably fly after eating all this stuff). ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi there, Irene, thanks so much for stopping by! Oh, those green tea pastries are totally calling my name, too! It doesn’t help that the bakery is only minutes away. And really, we need some of those bright drinks back home!

  7. Mustang.Koji says:

    Is there any food left in Tokyo for us? Very nice “overview” of what is NOT left for us future travelers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh, wow! That food all looks so good! Now I’m starving. I admit, though, I was so surprised to see the Belgian waffles – and so many varieties, too! I had no idea they were popular in Tokyo (though I shouldn’t be surprised, since they really are delicious).

  9. […] the rest of my tokyo food pics. warning, this post is super pic heavy! and part one is here, if you haven’t seen those. hope you guys […]

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