food. tokyo. food. part 2

we’re flying home from japan tomorrow! so while i’m looking forward to getting back for a number of reasons–seeing our cats again, hopping on the treadmill for some much needed exercise and off-loading of carbs, starting on revisions for DIVIDED–i will miss the food here so damn much.

here’s the rest of my tokyo food pics. warning, this post is super pic heavy! and part one is here, if you haven’t seen those. hope you guys enjoy!

also, i have so many more manga pics taken on visits to tokyo bookstores that i’m thinking of compiling them into another post down the road. click here for part one in the meantime.

grilled pork with negi over rice. side of miso.

pork breakfast set.

beef bowl with a side of miso. we’ve long lost track how many of these sets we’ve eaten!

the yoshinoya menu. i LOVE this menu. it’s like comfort reading.

the assortment of optional toppings for your beef bowls! the covered jar holds fresh ginger. this is at matsuya, another breakfast chain.

side menu at a local pie chain called mammies!

pie selection in the front cooler.

apple pie and chocolate cake. for breakfast, but only once.

this is a milk bar on a train platform inside akihabara station. you order your preferred milk and flavour and chug it right there!

bread in a can from the vending machine!

the middle two are chilled and sweetened azuki drinks. in the cooler months, they are sold hot, and the labels are red instead of blue.

pork katsu!

limited edition salted watermelon flavoured pepsi. it was blander than i thought it would be, like a diluted melon soda.

came across the best dessert place in ameyoko in ueno. this is sweetened azuki paste and mochi.

konnyake with arrowroot powder and brown sugar syrup.

matcha kakigoori with mochi on top of sweetened azuki beans.

salmon onigiri.

no clue what this onigiri is called, but it was veggie based–seaweed and sesame seeds.

plain rice onigiri with sesame seeds.

soda shrink wrapped with an anime-inspired label. really common here, even for milk and pastries.

not soba or ramen, but a noodle that was a hybrid of the two. came with side of beef stew.

pork soba.

panda cakes!

black bean sesame pastries. deep fried, so they’re more like timbits than buns.

cream cheese and blueberry danishes.

curry doughnuts.

fried potato and wiener pizzas.

chorizo sausages with salsa.

edamame sorbet. had to try this as soon as we saw it, and the taste was spot on! kind of strange at first, but really good!

tea and cream cheese flavoured ice creams!

a trio of sikuwasa (a citrus of some sort), red bean, and edamame flavours.

not sure what these are, but so pretty!

assorted bentos available for takeout. basement floors of fancy department stores sell the most amazing selection of gourmet groceries and take out foods.

a vendor selling hot takeout items.

meat on a stick!

filled buns, probably a with a sweet bean paste.

mochi in syrup on sticks!

assorted dumplings and rice balls.

even the picnic-style takeout containers are packaged with so much attention to detail!

fried whole fish.

lots of meats on sticks.

huge selection of onigiri.

more takeout bentos.

whole fish. i guess they’re meant to eat just like that? not sure…

darjeeling tea and coffee flavoured marshmallows.

wontons from a chinese restaurant in tokyo.

celery ramen!

this was an item we ordered by just pointing at the menu. i never figured out what the white chunks were, but prob seafood. the rest was celery and herbs in broth.

soft-boiled eggs sold individually as snacks at the local lawson’s (convenience store).

rolls of assorted maki.

blueberry flavoured milk!

assorted croquettes sold as street food. this place has line ups all day long…

…this croquette was filled with some kind of seafood paste as filling.

matcha kakigoori with an azuki bean base.

pork cutlet with curry rice.

zaru soba. my go-to noodle because of it’s low-or-no-wheat content.

pork tonkatsu sandwich bento. with inari, oshinko rolls, pickled vegetables as sides.

these fish heads were huge! about the size of a dinner plate!

chicken pho–vietnamese dish done japanese style.

spicy pho.

sesame pho.

the salad rolls are served with a clear, spicy sauce and not the regular peanut sauce we get back home.

additional goodies to add to your pho! sadly, we don’t get the jar of kakiage (fried tempura bits) at pho restaurants back home.

turtle buns!

assorted breakfast buns.

bananas are really popular in japan–covered in chocolate, as a fabric print, and in drink form. this was like drinking liquid banana custard.

warabi-mochi from the local convenience store, complete with brown sugar syrup and arrowroot powder for toppings and a mini skewer for eating!

green tea warabi-mochi.

the selection of rice crackers here is amazing.

a local shop has this little area off to the side where someone makes fresh rice crackers every day.

watermelon kakigoori!

ichigo and creme fraiche crepe.

peaches are one of the pricier fruits here, but i heard they were totally worth it.

udon with soft-boiled egg, tororo, and tempura.

kaiten sushi!

not sure what kind of raw fish this is. ginger on top.

kappa maki.

this fish was lightly seared with a blow torch.

more raw fish.

tamago nigiri.

green onion shoots. not sure what the red dab was, but i think that’s bonito flakes sprinkled on top.

chutoro negiri.

negi toro maki.

ebi avocado temaki.

tobiko maki.

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20 thoughts on “food. tokyo. food. part 2

  1. Look at all the mochi! Dude, I just made butter mochi for the first time when my sister and her Korean squeeze were visiting: The texture when warm was entirely different from when it cooled. Delicious. I think it’s a Hawaiian recipe…

    • Pluckier, dude, I could eat mochi everyday and never, ever get sick of it. Thanks for that recipe 🙂 They sell mochi powder back home that I try not to keep in the house for a reason. Also, just discovered the most amazing little mochi shop a block (!) from the ryokan we’re staying at. Glad AND sad we didn’t discover it earlier, purely for health reasons…

  2. licks screen like a dog!

    OH MAN!!! THat was AWESOME!!! You got croquettes!!! Love those things! And the sushi looked amazing! And the bento boxes! I love bento boxes! so jealous sooooooo jealous!!!!

    • Ellen, bento boxes vs lunchables… Clearly I’m raising the kids in the wrong country. That croquette place is minute walk from our ryokan. If it weren’t for the constant line ups I’m sure we’d be there more often!

  3. sybaritica says:

    Lovely pictures. I’d love to see Tokyo someday…

    The clear sauce with the salad roll looks like Vietnamese Nuoc Cham …

  4. Irene says:

    How long was your stay? It’s impossible to have eaten al this food in just two weeks..but if so, hopping on the treadmill probably is a good idea.. 😉

  5. elena says:

    oh myyyy. honestly one of my cons of living in Japan (besides um, not knowing the language at all and the fact that it’s super expensive) is that the food doesn’t really appeal to me because it’s very fish based. HOWEVER, all these posts have proved me wrong and now i am ready to move!!! (i wish)

    • Why hello, Elena–fancy meeting you here 😉 You can easily eat seafood-free in Japan! And it’s not as expensive as you would think (I used to think so, too). It’s just like here, where you *can* go swanky if you like, but really easy to eat for cheap if you prefer that. Coming from someone who hates to pay more than 8 bucks per person for a meal, that says a lot!

  6. Ashley Chen says:

    I can’t even! OH.MY.GOD. Okay, it is a must now, I have to go to Tokyo some day~ YUMMY!

  7. alicejane011 says:

    I want to lick my computer screen atm. Everything looks so good! (I’m flipping through your Japan posts atm and now I want to go to Japan even more!)

  8. OMGAWD! I need to go. All your photos are making me drool..

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