manga pics from tokyo, part 2

so because i had quite a few manga pics leftover from my previous post covering our multiple trips to bookstores in tokyo, i hope you guys don’t mind seeing some more.

i already miss visiting the bookstores. i miss how freaking huge some of them were, and the sheer volume of books able to be packed under one roof. i miss the amazing array of manga available, from shonen to shoujo, josei to seinen. i miss being able to simply walk into a bookstore and then discovering yet another mangaka whose story in the form of artwork simply blows me away.

the latest weekly manga anthologies. that one right in the middle, the one with the cover with the red-haired dude on it? it’s the september issue of jump SQ magazine featuring new KENSHIN material from original mangaka nobuhiro watsuki. am very, very much wishing i’d picked that issue up while i had the chance.

YOTSUBA! yay! one of my kids’ favourite manga. after seeing it move from publisher to publisher here (from adv to yen press), it’s good to see it still getting lots of love in japan.

a set of ai yazawa’s TENSHI NANKA JA NAI in novel form.

we’ve been collecting BAKUMAN, the latest series by the same author of DEATH NOTE. it’s meta manga, in that the manga series is about mangaka writing manga. a lot of it applies to the publishing industry over here, in terms of author and editor relationships, how ideas come about, writing for the market vs writing for the heart…it’s an interesting manga to read just for that.

because manga is usually sold wrapped and sealed, sample chapters are provided for browsing.

ONE PIECE is huge in japan. i think it’s at volume 67 so far and still going. these side books–PHILOSOPHY OF ONE PIECE, THE HEART OF ONE PIECE, etc–are awesome additions for hardcore fans.

i think these are reissues of osamu tezuka’s original ASTRO BOY manga, all boxed up and nicely packaged.

PANDORA HEARTS by jun mochizuki is another huge shonen manga in japan, published in tankubon form by square enix, the same folks who brought us KINGDOM HEARTS (!!!). it’s licensed in north america and published here by yen press.

yorindo bookstore in the yodabashi building in akihabara.

lots of framed artwork to go along with the manga displays.

more popular ongoing series. most of the newest volumes of currently running series are shelved flat, while older volumes are stacked vertically.

a floor display featuring miyazaki’s NAUSICAA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND.

tsutaya in shibuya. the whole seventh floor is dedicated to manga.

a wall of “staff recommended picks” at tsutaya.

this is just one wall of the three dedicated to shoujo. it was amazing.

TIGER & BUNNY is everywhere in japan, with anime and films and manga. in this case, the manga is actually based on the original anime.

with walls dedicated to boy love manga, it’s only fair that some shelf space be dedicated to yuri–girl on girl.

a pic of hiro kiyohara’s manga adaptation of ANOTHER, the horror novel by yukito ayatsuji. it’s been licensed by yen press for north america.

the tagline is A CHINESE WIFE AND AN OTAKU HUSBAND. you guys, this is our life in manga form! we both laughed pretty hard at seeing this.

some more KENSHIN manga on display to promote the release of the live action movie back on the 25th of august. this is the aizoban edition, the collector’s edition. the spines line up to form an image of kenshin’s sakabato.

bunkoban editions of the KENSHIN manga. these editions of the manga make up the new boxed set.

i had to pick up volume 1 of the collector’s edition of KENSHIN. after this trip, we have four different editions of this one volume, in two different languages.

colour pages inside!

yep, gorgeous, gorgeous colour pages.

because i’m already fangirling hard enough over a movie that i won’t be able to watch for many, many months (that it’s been licensed in over 60 countries is good news for a north american deal, but a theatrical release here would most likely still take a long time to be finalized), i have to share this KENSHIN tumblr site. it’s terribly addicting. and ONE OK ROCK‘s the beginning–the lead single written just for the movie–has been happily playing on repeat.

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2 thoughts on “manga pics from tokyo, part 2

  1. Kenshin!

    Stand up.
    Wake up.
    Never give up.

    These are the things that One Ok Rock taught me today.

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