shipping edward and christian, twitter love, and a link round up!

so to celebrate the release of fellow YA author jeanne ryan’s debut NERVE, us thirteeners got challenged to a blog to blog dare by her group blog, emu’s debuts. fellow thirteener ellen oh and i put together a parody movie trailer, fifty shades of twilight. apart from providing production value (is that what they call it when you do the props and “doll positioning”?), this really is all due to ellen’s brilliant editing. enjoy the rest of our dares, too! what’s really cool is that the whole fiasco got a mention over at publisher’s weekly!

now, twitter. such a serious time suck, but i still love it. because i’ve met some of the best people on there. smart, funny, nice people. who actually read books on a regular basis and don’t think it’s really that weird to want to buy a rolling library ladder to reach the top of your bookshelves. and reading aside, we connect on lots of other levels, too.

for example, louisse who wrote YA inspired haikus during english class. she came up with this for DUALED from the blurb alone. which means i fully expect a nice, long poem when she finally gets to read the book.

and then there’s lena, for saying i’m one of her top ten bookish people she wants to meet! apparently, i am doing pretty well at pulling off this “intelligence” thing.

so isabelle’s post about how DUALED is one of those ARCs she’d sock the pope for made me laugh. her comment about the quality of my tweets made me laugh even harder. i don’t know what i might have been tweeting about. a slight chance it wasn’t about food.

thanks for the love, you guys!

i’m a proud member of the YAkuza. we need badges, jon! you can find DUALED on lee and low’s list of diverse dystopias.
also, an interview i did for nikki over at fiction freak, and for criss over at fantasybooks! thanks for having me, guys!

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8 thoughts on “shipping edward and christian, twitter love, and a link round up!

  1. DUDE! So much happiness going on over here! 🙂 So excited for you! It gives me faith in the world that people recognize the coolness that is you. 😉

    • Haha. Hahahaha! I guess I’m getting pretty good at this whole thing, Jenn! Thanks! But then one day we will meet for real and it will ALL BE OVER. If I call you Merida, would that make up for it???

  2. Jeanne Ryan says:

    I can understand Isabelle’s excitement. The second I read the summary for DUALED, I was all “Waaaah, I have to wait another five months?”

  3. Emma Pass says:

    Can’t wait to read DUALED (but you already know that!!) and now I can’t wait to read NERVE either! Great post, Elsie, and I feel ya on the Twitter love… wouldn’t have met ANY of the fabulous Lucky 13s if I wasn’t on there! *writing twin fist bump*

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