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i’ve moved!

hey guys!

so after much thought i’ve decided to move my active blog over onto tumblr. while wordpress and its text-friendly format has served me well over the last eighteen months, it’s been getting harder and harder to find the time and energy to write up proper posts. tumblr–with its emphasis on visuals and its ease in reblogging to share genius material–is now a much better fit for me. and on the days when i can fit in some  extra writing time, tumblr does offer the capacity for original blog posts.

this website won’t be going anywhere. all my contact info here is still current, the doc for ARC requests will continue to be forwarded to my publisher until noted otherwise, and all my old blog posts will remain archived and accessible. only new blog posts from this point onward will be changing sites.

so please find me at i’ll be updating any book news over there, reblogging some pretty cool stuff, as well as fresh blogging as often as i can.

thank you so much for reading and hope to see you all there!


INSOMNIA cover reveal!

so this past week my very good friend and fellow YA author j.r. johannson got to reveal the cover for her debut novel INSOMNIA! the cover is creepy and sinister and absolutely perfect for her book. i love the use of colour–the pallidness of the model’s skin against the black background, the bright blue of the eye and jenn’s name, the blood red of the title and series title.

while cover reveals are always exciting because it finally means being able to put a face to a name, they’re especially wonderful when it’s an author you admire and whose work you love. jenn’s also a fellow lucky 13 as well as a thirteener, so this is a big day for all of us! congratulations on your awesome new cover, jenn! INSOMNIA will be published spring/summer of 2013 by flux, so keep an eye out for it!

a couple of links to finish off this post. i was over at writer, writer, pants on fire with friend and fellow YA author mindy mcginnis a few days ago. it was my SHIT post for her blog. and that’s not a typo. SHIT=submission hell–it’s true. thank you for having me, mindy!

and then there’s the oatmeal. the man is comedic genius, anyway, but this particular comic had me in tears. every word of it is so very true, and i really appreciate his being able to perfectly nail the truly crazy thoughts writers really do have all the time. you guys must read it: some thoughts and musings about making things for the web.

thanks for reading!

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