i’ve moved!

hey guys!

so after much thought i’ve decided to move my active blog over onto tumblr. while wordpress and its text-friendly format has served me well over the last eighteen months, it’s been getting harder and harder to find the time and energy to write up proper posts. tumblr–with its emphasis on visuals and its ease in reblogging to share genius material–is now a much better fit for me. and on the days when i can fit in some  extra writing time, tumblr does offer the capacity for original blog posts.

this website won’t be going anywhere. all my contact info here is still current, the doc for ARC requests will continue to be forwarded to my publisher until noted otherwise, and all my old blog posts will remain archived and accessible. only new blog posts from this point onward will be changing sites.

so please find me at elsiechapmanauthor.tumblr.com. i’ll be updating any book news over there, reblogging some pretty cool stuff, as well as fresh blogging as often as i can.

thank you so much for reading and hope to see you all there!


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