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INSOMNIA cover reveal!

so this past week my very good friend and fellow YA author j.r. johannson got to reveal the cover for her debut novel INSOMNIA! the cover is creepy and sinister and absolutely perfect for her book. i love the use of colour–the pallidness of the model’s skin against the black background, the bright blue of the eye and jenn’s name, the blood red of the title and series title.

while cover reveals are always exciting because it finally means being able to put a face to a name, they’re especially wonderful when it’s an author you admire and whose work you love. jenn’s also a fellow lucky 13 as well as a thirteener, so this is a big day for all of us! congratulations on your awesome new cover, jenn! INSOMNIA will be published spring/summer of 2013 by flux, so keep an eye out for it!

a couple of links to finish off this post. i was over at writer, writer, pants on fire with friend and fellow YA author mindy mcginnis a few days ago. it was my SHIT post for her blog. and that’s not a typo. SHIT=submission hell–it’s true. thank you for having me, mindy!

and then there’s the oatmeal. the man is comedic genius, anyway, but this particular comic had me in tears. every word of it is so very true, and i really appreciate his being able to perfectly nail the truly crazy thoughts writers really do have all the time. you guys must read it: some thoughts and musings about making things for the web.

thanks for reading!

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BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA cover reveal, and a link round up!

this cover!

so gorgeous, and absolutely perfect for BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA! author april tucholke is a very good friend of mine–as well as a fellow friday the thirteener and lucky–and i couldn’t be more excited to share with you guys the cover for her gothic-inspired YA horror debut.

april, dude, your cover is amazing. i love the unique font and how it’s allllll tall, imposing cliffs leading down to a frothy, painful death. it’s moody, atmospheric, and those two little figures on the top have doom written all over them. many congrats, girl! your cover is fantastic.

also, i came across this plate at an anthropologie shop in new york last spring. at the time i took a pic for april, the title wasn’t set in stone. so happy it didn’t change because it really does fit the story so well! but kind of bummed i didn’t pick up the plate. sorry, april–packing it would have been a pain, though!

BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA will be published august 15th, 2013, by dial/penguin. make sure to mark the date–it’s an awesome book!

now for some links!

so in my last blog post i talked about DUALED ARCs being at new york comic con and shared some forwarded pics. my fellow twitterer-and-OOR-tumblrer traci of the reading geek blog posted a super sweet recap of the weekend! traci, thanks so much!

i’m one of the authors taking part in the dreaded elevator pitch over at gate crashers this week. all i can say is the word “dreaded” is pretty accurate. pitches are hard. and thank you, pam witte, for having us on the blog!

lisa was a great host over at a life bound by books last week when she had me stop by. as well, megan was super nice to interview me over at the book galaxy. thanks, lisa and megan! there’s assorted giveaways at both, so be sure to check out their sites as soon as you get the chance.

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let the sky fall cover reveal and link round up!

my friend and fellow friday the thirteener shannon messenger had her cover reveal for let the sky fall this week! here is the pretty! how incredibly gorgeous is this cover, right? congrats, shannon! as we get closer to 2013, i’ll be posting cover reveals of the rest of the thirteeners here, and some of my closest luckies, too. cover reveals are big milestones for an author, and there’s nothing better than being able to share them.

also, my brain is so. very. fried this week. halfway through book 2 and living on drafting adrenaline and very little sleep. but it’s all good!!! it’s been an incredible last few days, and with so much love for DUALED (and not out of sheer exhaustion, nope, not at all!), i’ll finish up this post with a link round up.

DUALED made it onto amazon (ca and com and even japan, heh!) and chapters this week. EEPS. something very surreal about seeing it out there. I can’t even… truly unbelievable!

the lovely giselle (a canadian book blogger!) over at xpressoreads picked DUALED as her WoW this week. as did cleo over at booklopedia, kim at kimreads, brodie at eleusinian mysteries of reading, and renae at rolling with the moments. hopefully i didn’t miss anyone!

and lots more cover love! thanks kat and steph for featuring DUALED at cuddlebuggery, and thanks to all things urban fantasy for DUALED winning the, um, duel of covers!

thanks to the book smugglerswild heart, natasa, a never ending fantasy, a reader of fictionserika on the move, katie’s book blogimperial beachnicole’s ya book haven, bibliopunkkya book queen, and young readers!

and some foreign sites picked up on it, too. here, herehere and here. WOW.

MUCH thanks and love, everyone!

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cover reveal aftermath and link round up

okay, so my little corner of the internet pretty much exploded on me yesterday. it was…amazing. i’m up after four hours of sleep and still buzzed. so here’s a little wrap-up post before it’s back to work!

the cover for DUALED finally went live! it’s pretty awesome:

i knew the cover going live would change things up a bit, as it would finally give a face to DUALED. but, whoa, you guys are incredible!!! it was surreal to see the adds on goodreads just keep climbing. thank you!

my hugest thanks to kari olson at a good addiction for hosting the reveal! and it’s the first cover for us over at friday the thirteeners, too! i really love you guys! special thanks to ellen oh for putting the post together.

DUALED also made waiting on wednesday‘s pick of the week for some very cool bloggers! this really kind of blew my mind–it’s going to be a very long time before i get used to seeing the book “out there”! kelsey (who actually worked on the earliest drafts of DUALED as an intern at random house! how cool is that?) at slush sleuth; brooke–just give me some teasers DUDE!–at brooke reports; ashelynn at gypsy book reviews; kristin at blood, sweat, and books; sarah at head stuck in a book; reut at reutreads; danya at a tapestry of words; and mitchii at aeropapers! thanks so much, you guys!

whew! and i still managed to get 1000 words down for DIVIDED yesterday. it was a FANTASTIC day, y’all! so now i’m going to shut up, disappear for a bit, and just write.

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it’s here! the official cover for DUALED!

so today is the day! i get to share with you guys the cover for my debut novel DUALED!!! go check it out at a good addiction, where the fabulous kari olson is hosting the official cover reveal, and please feel free to bombard it with gushy, mushy, over-the-top love via comment.

because I LOVE it. and when my editor sent me the final version, i cried. seeing your cover, knowing this is how your book is going to be presented to the world, that this is the face to your words and dreams and sweat…it’s a pretty overwhelming moment.

a handful of other versions were considered, but this is the one that really hit it all the way home. it’s a great balance of emotion and grit, survival and war, light and dark. plus, west is just so freaking badass in it. and i love how they made her own shadow her alt. so fantastically done to mess with your head.

having a cover come together can take months. and there’s an incredible number of people involved, all who have stakes in its success. from my editor to the graphic artist to the jacket designer to sales and marketing…so many phenomenal people whose talents blew me away. it’s extremely humbling and somewhat terrifying to know just how much work goes into the process, and i couldn’t be more thankful to each and every individual who played a part in creating the cover for DUALED.

so, thank you. seriously, i’m floored, and so, so, so lucky.

now i’ve got to get back to drafting DIVIDED, but i won’t feel the least bit guilty if i take a minute or two once in a while and just stare at the awesomeness that is this cover.

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exclusive cover reveal for DUALED…

…is coming this tuesday!

the absolutely fantastic kari olson at a good addiction will be doing the exclusive cover reveal for DUALED on tuesday, may 22nd. morningish. so make sure you go check it out!

it’s a badass cover. you will love it. trust.

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