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bookstores in japan, japanese editions of popular YA titles, and manga!

so i’m here on vacation in japan, and i’d forgotten how absolutely amazing the bookstores are in tokyo. the mass amounts of what they have in stock, the sheer number of volumes and editions, the lovely covers and artwork…give me some take out sushi and bottles of royal milk tea from the vending machine and i could happily stay in one all day.

apart from food, i’m finding myself taking tons of pictures of books here. manga, in particular; never mind that i’ve long forgotten my hiragana and katakana–the artwork alone is awesome. for a while, i read nothing but manga, to the point where i found myself running out of translated manga to read. i miss that time, and seeing so much of it all over the place here makes me want to try harder to find time for it again. also, i took lots of pics of what japanese editions i could find of popular YA books back home!

needless to say, this post is SUPER pic heavy! most of them were taken at maruzen, yurindo, and book-off stores in tokyo and sendai.

japanese editions of THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy by suzanne collins.

j.k. rowling’s HARRY POTTER series. i don’t know why all the different covers. the chess inspired ones are very TWILIGHT-esque.

really excited to see one of my favourite series, CHAOS WALKING by patrick ness, on the shelf!

the INHERITANCE series by christopher paolini.

i’m guessing this is a children’s novel based on the pixar movie BRAVE.

lots of studio ghibli art books!

hayao miyazaki adapted MAJO NO TAKKYUBIN by eiko kadono into his film KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE. being big fans of miyazaki, we picked up the novel for a great souvenir.

FROM UP ON POPPY HILL is studio ghibli’s latest film, and it’s based on the comic of the same name, written by tetsuro sayama and drawn by chizuru takahashi. already a hit here in japan, it comes to theatres in north america in march, 2013!

39 CLUES! this is more middle grade than YA.

THE PRINCESS DIARIES by meg cabot, GOSSIP GIRL by cecily von zeigesar, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS by sara shepard.

found these really interesting editions of stephenie meyer’s TWILIGHT series. it’s been broken down into 13 novels; pictured here are books 1 and 13. cool how bella’s eyes change colour from one to the other.


the newest volumes are kept at the end of the aisles, or along the front.

before manga is collected into volumes, they’re released weekly or monthly in magazines.

KODANSHA BOXED is a new (or relatively new) line of boxed manga!

boys love manga, or yaoi.

BAKUMAN, NARUTO, and KENSHIN are some of the series we’ve collected, or are still collecting, back home.

vol. 12 of HIKARU NO GO. i haven’t read the manga, but the anime is awesome!

NANA’s up to vol. 21 over here! and over at a book-off in tokyo, i found a fan book of the series which has been labelled vol. 7.8. here are some pics of the artwork inside!

i’ve always loved the artwork of VAMPIRE KNIGHT (up to vol. 16 here), and here’s some pics of the artwork inside the fan book! this was 105 yen from book-off–so about $1.25 with the exchange rate.

and this is the infamous BOKU WA IMOUTO NI KOI WO SURU, which lightly translates into “i love my little sister”. it’s a manga about incest between twins and was a bestseller here in japan. when cuddlebuggery’s kat kennedy referenced twincest in a blurb about DUALED, this manga was the first thing that came to mind!

i’ve been trying to find vols. 9 and 10 of IMMORTAL RAIN (published in japan as METEOR METHUSELAH) by kaori ozaki. now that tokyopop’s US operations have shut down and it’s not likely i’ll be able to finish collecting the series in english, i thought the original japanese editions would be cool to have. no luck so far, but i did buy this related MM work. also, the hubs finally found kaoru mori’s EMMA vol. 5 to fill in for the now-out-print english edition!

in all honesty, i don’t think i’ll have the time or dedication to learn enough japanese to read any manga in its original format. but i do think i’ll be looking into picking up some new translated series back when i get home! hope you guys all enjoyed the pics!

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let the sky fall cover reveal and link round up!

my friend and fellow friday the thirteener shannon messenger had her cover reveal for let the sky fall this week! here is the pretty! how incredibly gorgeous is this cover, right? congrats, shannon! as we get closer to 2013, i’ll be posting cover reveals of the rest of the thirteeners here, and some of my closest luckies, too. cover reveals are big milestones for an author, and there’s nothing better than being able to share them.

also, my brain is so. very. fried this week. halfway through book 2 and living on drafting adrenaline and very little sleep. but it’s all good!!! it’s been an incredible last few days, and with so much love for DUALED (and not out of sheer exhaustion, nope, not at all!), i’ll finish up this post with a link round up.

DUALED made it onto amazon (ca and com and even japan, heh!) and chapters this week. EEPS. something very surreal about seeing it out there. I can’t even… truly unbelievable!

the lovely giselle (a canadian book blogger!) over at xpressoreads picked DUALED as her WoW this week. as did cleo over at booklopedia, kim at kimreads, brodie at eleusinian mysteries of reading, and renae at rolling with the moments. hopefully i didn’t miss anyone!

and lots more cover love! thanks kat and steph for featuring DUALED at cuddlebuggery, and thanks to all things urban fantasy for DUALED winning the, um, duel of covers!

thanks to the book smugglerswild heart, natasa, a never ending fantasy, a reader of fictionserika on the move, katie’s book blogimperial beachnicole’s ya book haven, bibliopunkkya book queen, and young readers!

and some foreign sites picked up on it, too. here, herehere and here. WOW.

MUCH thanks and love, everyone!

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twincest FTW

taking a quick break from drafting to share this fantastic write-up about DUALED on cuddlebuggery!

four concept books that need to be awesome.

kat and steph are both amazing bloggers and have HUGE followings as reviewers; find them on their book blog and on goodreads!

absolutely floored. and, yes, twincest. hah!

thank you, kat and steph!

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