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link round up!

my brain is mush and i’ve lived off take-out sushi, tea, apples, and egg whites for 3 weeks. there’s scuzz growing in our sinks and i’m scared to check the state of the pvr. i miss the treadmill.

but there’s also something really cool about not going to bed until it’s getting light out. and it’s fun to see the difference between my twitter feed during day and night. being on the west coast, my feed dies down around 11pm. but then it’s the end of the workday on the other side of the world and aussie happy hour hits from 1-2am. then i get to talk to some cool brits. finally the east coast feed kicks in around 4am.

all this to say…i’m finally done DIVIDED!!! drafting it, anyway. there will be much revision and editing ahead before it’s done done. but YAY! 89,000 words and i’m so happy with each and every one of them.

okay, link round up before i take a day or two to read through it before hitting SEND to my editor.

DUALED got a mention from the utterly fantastic kari olson over at a good addiction. she’s read the ARC and counts it as one of her drool worthy upcoming books! thanks so very much, kari! i’m incredibly floored to be included in such amazing company.

as a lucky 13, we’re at the halfway mark until our books are published! six months to go! so to celebrate, we’re having a massive book giveaway of some of our favourite books. my selection was stephen king’s the eyes of the dragon. i love the heck out of this book. it’s king, it’s fantasy, it’s amazing. come enter, contest closes midnight, july 6th!

i’m taking part in ya highway’s the first sale: expectation vs reality. this is part 2. did you miss part 1? thanks, kristin halbrook, for putting together these posts! i love reading about how everyone’s publishing journeys are so different.

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pivot point cover reveal/ARC requests for dualed

i think it’s about time for yet another cover reveal, don’t you? how’s this gorgeous cover for pivot point by kasie west? i love how you can’t tell if the girls are friends or enemies. and we need more covers with vertical title placements because it’s really refreshing and eye-catching! kasie is a friend, fellow friday the thirteener, and lucky 13, and i couldn’t be happier for her! congrats, kasie! pivot point will be published february 2013, and it’s fantastic, so make sure you pick it up!

also, see that little tab up top? the one that says ARC requests? actually, i’ll even add the form here. yep, random house is now taking requests for DUALED ARCs. so if you’re a book reviewer, a blogger, or librarian, and are interested in reading DUALED, please submit a request! and while i can’t guarantee you’ll be sent an ARC, i promise that my publisher will consider each and every request! and i’m still blown away from all the enthusiasm for DUALED, so thank you so much!

so my first page passes for DUALED are due tomorrow. it’s my last chance for any real edits. then it’s back to drafting DIVIDED, which is due next week. i love summer, but i wouldn’t mind if it rained until my deadlines are up. sun definitely makes it harder to write!

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prophecy and the madman’s daughter cover reveals!

there is nothing better than being able to celebrate with your friends when something fantastic happens. today, fellow YA authors, friday the thirteeners, AND lucky 13s ellen oh and megan shepherd both had cover reveals! ellen’s prophecy and megan’s the madman’s daughter will both be released in january 2013. buy them, read them, enjoy them!

and just look at these covers! they are gorgeous and mind-blowing and i couldn’t be happier for them! plus their books are pretty damn fantastic, too!

blog hopping: i’m over at fellow YA author, friday the thirteener, AND lucky 13 mindy mcginnis’s blog today. we’re hanging out and she gets to ask me questions about DUALED’s cover. come say hi!

DIVIDED: 70K and counting. and my first pass pages for DUALED are due next week. but there is light at the end of the tunnel, you guys, and waiting for me on the other side is summer vacation, a dirty house that needs to be cleaned, and a super massive to be read pile.

random: listening to snow patrol’s run. eating: take out every night for the last week and a half. feeling kind of gross about it.

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blog hopping #7

here’s another “here, but not here” post while i’m busy drafting DIVIDED (sequel to DUALED).

and it’s my birthday! but i can’t say how old i am because i might not be allowed to write YA anymore.

so on that note, it’s been a pretty scattered week…

along with a bunch of other lucky 13s, i got to participate in ink & angst’s gatecrasher series, where we talk about breaking through into the publishing industry. it’s definitely   interesting to see how while each author’s experience is truly unique, there are some things that apply across the board. like the lows of rejection after rejection, the suck that is the waiting, and the awesomeness of the YA community at large. thanks so much to author pam witte at ink & angst for letting us don the gatecrasher hats for a bit!

over at friday the thirteeners, MG author kristen kittscher is up for a dare courtesy of yours truly!

on the lucky 13s blog, the 13th of may meant a super-awesome-bomb-diggity-news post! the announcement of an audio edition for DUALED gets a mention. thanks to author rachele alpine for that post!

and i’ve always thought the birth of a book was pretty cool. thanks for sharing, adrienne!

back to work. iced coffee? yes, please. just keep them coming.

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blog hopping #6

i’m going to be drafting like mad for the next little while. in the meantime, i’m over at the lucky 13s today blogging about this week’s topic: series vs standalones. come say hi!

some writing music for the day: david guetta feat. sia’s titanium.

the lyrics are cool, the video’s cool. the theme is very much like the one in m83’s midnight city: very anti-establishment, kids with special powers, fear of what’s different. it also brings to mind an old classic (i loved this book as a kid), the girl with the silver eyes by willo davis roberts. this somewhat echoes what we’ve been seeing the last couple of years in YA lit “trends” (which will eventually cycle back), if you follow an arc of paranormal to zombies to dystopia and now sci-fi starting to happen again.

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link round up

okay, so these posts are for my busy or lazy or mushy-brain days. but trust that they’re still worth reading.

first, as a member of friday the thirteeners, i’m super proud to say we’re participating in the crits for water 2012 campaign! if you’re a writer, you can make a donation towards charity: water in exchange for critiques on your work from authors, editors, agents, and other folks in the pub industry. learn more about it here. you can donate towards the charity anytime, but if you want to bid on a query crit from us especially, circle june 28th (scroll down) on your calendar and get your bids ready!

us thirteeners are also running a pretty cool contest to celebrate the fact that it was friday the 13th last week. guess who wrote what with the given hint, and up for grabs are gift cards and free YA books! not only that, we all had fun writing a fantasy-themed bit, exquisite corpse style. one day left to enter, so check it all out here!

over on the lucky 13s, my announcement for the sequel to DUALED made the super awesome bomb diggity news post for the 13th of april. seriously, life is good!

and some more random to finish off. watching: our severely backed up pvr. or, more specifically, getting through approximately 42 episodes of jimmy fallon. eating: sea salt caramel on rice crackers. listening: drake feat. rihanna take care

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blog hopping #2

come back soon for a post all about my visit to random house! i met my editor, my agent, and so many other fantastic behind-the-scenes people. it’s kind of mind-blowing (in an awesome way) how many people have already read DUALED.

until then, i’m still in new york and eating way too many black and white cookies. and online, you can find me here today:

a mention of DUALED and other books from lucky 13s in prep for the bologna children’s book fair. and my interview with YA author lissa price about her book STARTERS which releases today!

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