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blog hopping #7

here’s another “here, but not here” post while i’m busy drafting DIVIDED (sequel to DUALED).

and it’s my birthday! but i can’t say how old i am because i might not be allowed to write YA anymore.

so on that note, it’s been a pretty scattered week…

along with a bunch of other lucky 13s, i got to participate in ink & angst’s gatecrasher series, where we talk about breaking through into the publishing industry. it’s definitely   interesting to see how while each author’s experience is truly unique, there are some things that apply across the board. like the lows of rejection after rejection, the suck that is the waiting, and the awesomeness of the YA community at large. thanks so much to author pam witte at ink & angst for letting us don the gatecrasher hats for a bit!

over at friday the thirteeners, MG author kristen kittscher is up for a dare courtesy of yours truly!

on the lucky 13s blog, the 13th of may meant a super-awesome-bomb-diggity-news post! the announcement of an audio edition for DUALED gets a mention. thanks to author rachele alpine for that post!

and i’ve always thought the birth of a book was pretty cool. thanks for sharing, adrienne!

back to work. iced coffee? yes, please. just keep them coming.

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