The Scroll of Chaos

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Middle Grade, Scholastic, March 7th, 2023

We’re never powerless as long as we keep trying.

When Astrid Xu stumbles upon an ancient Chinese scroll, she can’t help but wonder if it holds the key to managing her mom’s depression. What Astrid doesn’t expect is to be transported along with her little sister, Marilla, to Zhen—a realm where the Chinese legends of old are real!

But all is not well in Zhen. An ancient evil known as Chaos is wreaking havoc throughout the land, and Astrid is the only one who can stop it. With her sister—who has been transformed into a cat!—and two great mythological figures by her side, Astrid sets off on a journey to face her destiny. Can she save the world before Chaos reigns supreme?

In this imaginative ode to Chinese mythology and the power of sisterhood, acclaimed author Elsie Chapman shows readers just how far we will go to protect the ones we love.

Cover Art: Christina Chung

“[An] imaginative middle grade novel about changing familial bonds and finding one’s strength.”—Publishers Weekly

“Chapman mixes an empowering adventure story . . . with unflinching, age-appropriate depictions of the ways depression can affect a family . . . A mythological romp that also tackles issues of mental health.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Elsie Chapman does it again with The Scroll of Chaos — a thrilling, lushly imagined, emotionally resonant fantasy that will make young readers feel like they’re riding their own magical couds across the sky.”—Mike Jung, author of Unidentified Suburban Object

“Like magic, author Elsie Chapman paints a vivid picture, bringing to life the stories and characters of Chinese mythology. In this thrilling heroine’s quest, Astrid Xu must overcome her own fears and battle Chaos to save the realm of Zhen and return home to her family. Readers will be immersed in this magical realm as they root for Astrid!”—Debbi Michiko Florence, author of Keep It Together, Keiko Carter

“An awesome journey in a gorgeous, epic world that readers won’t want to leave! Equal parts sister drama, high-stakes adventure, and intriguing Chinese mythology, this amazing tale reminds us that there are things we can’t change, but anything is possible when we believe in ourselves.”—Gail D. Villanueva, author of My Fate According to the Butterfly


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